Received in the mail: “Here is your access code to make getting a new dog license easy!”

Go to website, enter code. “No user found with that code. Click to add user and/or dog”

Click on Add New Dog

“Error. new dog cannot be entered without access code.”

Try access code again.

“No user found with that code.”

Try to start completely over. Look through old records. Find last year’s paperwork with the same F&#$*NG access code along with completed receipt of successful relicensing. <bang head on desk>

Try again by creating a whole new profile.

“Error. User with that email already registered.”

Click to get email confirmation.

Confirmation doesn’t come. Back at site, “That email is not found”

Give up using the “easy” way and after digging around in the desk for 5 minutes, finds checkbook and writes a damn check.




Holly Magnani

Holly Magnani

A mother, author, entrepreneur and a student of almost everything.